Making a difference where you live

Putting your safety first

We position safety buoys in the sea at Seaford, Newhaven and East Saltdean, marking the limits where boats with motors may approach the shore. This helps protect those swimming and paddling.

We also provide life belts along the coast and at key points in Lewes. These life belts save lives but are occasionally stolen or damaged. If you see anyone interfering with them please please contact Sussex Police on 101 and report it. We support the Seaford lifeguard and Newhaven National Coastal Institution to help those using the coast for recreation to do so in a safe way.

The council helps to coordinate and support initiatives that improve water and cliff top safety along the coast from Eastbourne to East Saltdean, providing clear and precise messages about how to treat the coast with respect and enjoy it safely.

Along the entire coast, working with key landowners, we will be installing new signs reflecting the changing hazards along our dynamic coastline at key locations.